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Russia Macro Monthly November 2022

Protection of Stability Gets More Challenging. Data for September and anecdotal evidence for October show a sharp deterioration in the speed of the post-Covid and post-sanctions recovery in the Russian economy. As the population turns to savings mode, domestic businesses have shelved expansion plans while foreign companies continue to exit Russia.

In Context: Central Asia Demographics

Demographic Trends Boost Growth Expectations. Population growth is a contributor to economic expansion. The population of Central Asia is currently 121.4 mln and it is projected to grow to 161 mln within 15 years.

What Lies Beneath – New Uzbek Energy Minister Appointed

At the end of September, President Mirziyoyev appointed Jurabek Mirzamahmudov as Energy Minister as well as Deputy Prime Minister with oversight of the fuel, energy, and the chemical industrial complex. This means the government again has six Deputy Prime Ministers.

Russia & Eurasia Politics Monthly October 2022

The monthly polls by the Levada Center reported a tangible fall in support for President Putin, the Russian government, and the special military operation (SMO) in Ukraine. This decline followed the announcement of partial mobilization on September 21st.

Russia’s Sanctions Response Diary – October 4th 2022

New this week: October 2nd: The Russian government imposed a retaliatory ban on trucking in Russia for companies from the EU countries, Norway, Ukraine and the UK. The decree comes into force on October 10th and will be valid until December 31st .

Russia Macro Monthly October 2022

The Russian economy remains in a fragile balance after the slide posted in 2Q22. On one hand, the domestic output is supported by strong energy prices, rising government expenditures, especially in the defense sphere, a good harvest, and the improved stability of prices and the financial areas, not least because of the surprisingly resilient ruble exchange rate.

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