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What Lies Beneath: Russian Government Reshuffle

Shortly after his fifth inauguration, President Putin proposed that Prime Minister Mishustin should stay in his job. He kept most of the economic team in place, suggesting he is broadly happy with how the management of the country is going.

Russia’s Sanctions Response Diary – May 20th 2024

New this week: May 20th: Russian press reports suggest that the government plans to lift its ban on the export of gasoline, which had been imposed on March 1st for six months. The reason given is that there are no shortages.

Russia Macro Monthly May 2024

The Russian economy posted solid YoY growth rates in 1Q24, mostly due to two factors: the weak base of 1Q23 and the leap-year effect.

Putin’s Inauguration: Will There be Government Changes?

The Russian Constitution requires the government to resign after a new president is sworn in. This will happen after President Putin’s inauguration today. There is, as usual, plenty of speculation about changes but President Putin is expected to ask the current team to stay on as acting ministers.

Russia’s Sanctions Response Diary – April 15th 2024

New this week: April 11th: The Ministry of Finance said that they hoped that the mechanism to issue domestic bonds, which can be voluntarily swapped for Russian government Eurobonds, would be in place within the first half of 2024.

Russia Macro Monthly April 2024

There is a notable increase in pressure on the economy as a result of the tightening and enforcement of sanctions. The most affected areas are oil exports and cross-border financial transactions.

Russia’s Sanctions Response Diary – April 2nd 2024

New this week: March 29th: The President signed a degree outlining a special procedure for transactions in the shares of certain foreign-owned companies, which are not disclosed, but the text implies that these are those companies designated at economically significant.

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