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In Context: Caucasus Demographics

The population of the three Caucasus states is 17.4 mln. Armenia and Georgia suffered from mass immigration in the 1990s and the legacy effect is a declining birth rate today.

In Context: Central Asia Demographics

Demographic Trends Boost Growth Expectations. Population growth is a contributor to economic expansion. The population of Central Asia is currently 121.4 mln and it is projected to grow to 161 mln within 15 years.

In Context: Russia Economic Scenarios Leak

A government report, leaked to Bloomberg, shows a scenario where the economy suffers a steeper-for-longer decline. This is widely interpreted as meaning that the government is secretly assuming a much more difficult economic outlook and greater damage from sanctions than the generally more optimistic statements and current data shows.

Russia In Context: Managing Technology Sanctions and Shortages

Despite announcements of the success in import substitution, Russian technology products are still dependent on foreign supplies for key inputs. Two high profile projects – the Elbrus chip and the Baikal chip – are manufactured abroad. Domestic chip production is still about two generations behind the most advanced global technologies.

In Context: What Happens if Putin Leaves?

The constitution says that in all cases where the President is unable to carry out his duties, the Prime Minister becomes acting President, with limited powers, and an election must be held within three months. 

In Context: Russia’s 2035 Energy Roadmap – Part 3: Gas Sector

The implementation of decarbonization policy over the next 20 years may shift the focus of Russia’s geological exploration industry from the search for oil deposits to the search for gas deposits, although the Energy Strategy (ES-2035) has yet to factor in an increased role for gas.

In Context: The Surprising Return of the Ruble

For over a year before the start of Russia’s “special operation” in Ukraine the Russian currency had been very stable trading in a RUB70-77/US$ range. It was traded under RUB70/US$ on October 26th, a day before the reports of a Russian military buildup on the Ukraine border emerged. On the eve of the start of the special operation the ruble lost ground and moved into a RUB77-83/US$ band.

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