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What Lies Beneath – Drone Raids on Moscow

On the morning of May 30th either 8 or 25 drones were shot down in or near Moscow, depending on the source. There were no casualties, and the only damage was one house which was hit by a drone.

What Lies Beneath – President Xi in Moscow

This was Xi Jinping’s first overseas trip since he was appointed for a precedent-setting third term as president. It was not just a trip to show support for President Putin and for Russia – the Chinese President has his own agenda and such an early trip to Moscow suits that.

What Lies Beneath – Mobilization 2.0 Speculation

We do not usually comment on rumors circulating in Russia. Most are no more than routine speculation observed daily and are quickly proven to be untrue, either because of formal government denial or the passage of time.

What Lies Beneath – New Uzbek Energy Minister Appointed

At the end of September, President Mirziyoyev appointed Jurabek Mirzamahmudov as Energy Minister as well as Deputy Prime Minister with oversight of the fuel, energy, and the chemical industrial complex. This means the government again has six Deputy Prime Ministers.

What Lies Beneath – Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Mobilization and Referenda

President Putin announced a partial mobilization on September 21st, dictated by the need to defend a wide line of attack in Ukraine. Defense Minister Shoigu clarified that the intention is to mobilize about 300,000 out of the 25 million men in Russia who have done compulsory military service.

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