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Beltway 360⁰ – Washington Awaits The Spring Offensive

The Congress has been dithering for weeks on a variety of proposals to punish Russia and aid Ukraine, with very little to show for it. The reason is that the White House firmly took command of US policy when the war started and has demonstrated that an administration can act more quickly and more coherently than can a legislature, and this legislature in particular.


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We work with many of the world’s largest corporations and financial agencies and provide them with economic, political, industry and risk advice across all industry sectors and throughout the entire Eurasian region. Our clients include 80 multinationals, trade organisations and financial institutions working across the region.

Beltway 360⁰ – A New Cold War is Upon Us

The United States Government — with broad bipartisan support — is hunkered down for a new Cold War with Russia.  This confrontation will center on but by no means be limited to Ukraine.

Beltway 360⁰ – Ukraine: War or Peace

The Ukraine crisis is playing holy hell with Joe Biden’s international agenda. Climate change, engaging Iran and containing China are all sidelined for the moment as the United States is consumed with a dispute the White House does not want and in a part of the world it would prefer to avoid.

Beltway 360⁰ – Autumn Prospects for Biden with Russia and Europe

As he approaches the end of his first year in office, Joseph Biden has signaled clearly that neither Russia nor Ukraine is among his top international priorities. But he has made clear he would prefer that overall relations with Moscow should improve rather than deteriorate further.  The White House will only pursue new sanctions where it must, as on cybersecurity or when Congress gives it no wiggle room. 

Beltway 360⁰ – Toward a “New Normal” For US-Russia?

Those in Washington who feared — or hoped — the summit meeting of Biden and Putin in Geneva would be a flop were proven wrong, but the outcome of the encounter thus far is very modest with precious little on the horizon.  The two sides have halted — or at least paused — the long decline in their relations, pending another crisis.  

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