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Kazakhstan: Reforming Family Connections

One of President Tokayev’s most important reforms is tackling corruption. A big part of this is a review of the privatizations and patronage “awards” under the Nazarbayev presidency.

Kazakhstan Update: Tokayev Shakes Government to Drive Economic Reforms

On September 1st, President Tokayev delivered his annual address to the nation. Last year, the focus was on political change after the failed coup of January 2022. This year the President wants to use his consolidated power to double GDP by 2029, when his current (and last) term in office is due to finish.

Kazakhstan Country Profile Update

The economy grew by 5% in 1Q23 with growth coming from several sectors outside of hydrocarbons. The President is expected to outline his program to advance economic diversification at the Astana Forum (June 8-9th).

Kazakhstan Politics: Electoral Results

Kazakhstan elected a new Mazhilis (lower house of parliament) on March 19th. The results were announced on March 27th, and a new Prime Minister was chosen on March 29th.

Kazakhstan Politics

The government of President Tokayev has been very busy investigating the activities of the family of former President Nazarbayev and of his inner circle, aka The Library. Several within this group have been arrested and charged with various financial or security related crimes. Others have had assets confiscated or have handed assets back voluntarily to the state.

Kazakhstan Agriculture: A Challenging Opportunity

The crisis caused by events in Ukraine triggered huge problems across the Eurasia region. For Kazakhstan, headline growth estimates have been revised downwards from to 2.0-2.5% (from 4.0% last year). Refer to our Kazakhstan Briefing Modernization: Means, Motive and Opportunity, (issued in May), for an in-depth analysis of economic trends and political changes. 

Kazakhstan Modernization: Means, Motive and Opportunity

The January protests re-enforced the president’s motivation for reform. Several major initiatives are expected this year to invigorate economic modernization and social reforms. The first stage will be the major overhaul of the constitution on June 5th.

Kazakhstan: Calmer Streets as Political Intrigues Grow

The streets of Almaty are calm today and with a heavy security presence. Services (banks, ATMs, transport, internet) have been restored and businesses reopened. he former head of the KNB (Security Agency) has been charged with treason and several others have been charged with inciting protests. Over 6,000 people are reported to have been arrested.

Kazakhstan: Pressure Cooker Blows – Initial Comments

This is a quick reaction to events currently unfolding in Kazakhstan. While none of this is a surprise, the timing and the speed are. We have previously provided background to the various conflicts “brewing” in the country and will provide more detailed commentary and analysis – especially as it concerns the economy, investors, and business interests in the country – as events unfold in the coming days and weeks.

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