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Conflict & Sanctions Sitrep: Moscow’s Changing Strategy

It appears the Russian military has changed its strategy and is now focused on preparing defensive positions for a “frozen winter conflict” while increasing the intensity of missile attacks to destroy Ukraine’s power infrastructure.

Conflict & Sanctions Sitrep: The Road to Bali

President Putin has ordered the removal of civilians from the west bank of the Dnieper River leading to speculation of either preparations for a major battle or the setup of a more defensible line on the east bank of the river.

Conflict & Sanctions Sitrep: The Dangerous Month of October

The four provinces controlled by the Russian military in eastern Ukraine have, unsurprisingly, voted to join the Russian Federation. The Federation Council is expected to approve the applications on October 4th and President Putin (who will be 70 years old on October 7th) is expected to sign the legislation shortly afterwards.

Caspian Region Monitor – August 2022

All Caspian littoral states are major producers and exporters of hydrocarbons. All have reported a big increase in export receipts since February and are expected to report improved macro performances this year.

Russia – Ukraine: Sitrep 18th August 2022

President Zelensky has said that there can be no peace deal with Russia until Crimea is returned to Ukraine. This is a hardening of his position as previously he set the condition as a return to the pre-February 24th position.

Turkmenistan: New Management – Right Location, Right Time

Turkmenistan is a beneficiary of the rise in global energy prices and efforts to diversify supply by major importers. Serdar Berdymukhamedov was closely involved in policy while his father was the leader. No major changes are expected, at least not over the medium term.

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