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Level 3 test report

Level 3, Eurasia, Iran. We work with many of the world’s largest corporations and financial agencies and provide them with economic, political, industry and risk advice across all industry sectors and throughout the entire Eurasian region. Our clients include 80 multinationals, trade organisations and financial institutions working across the region.

Level 3 test – Eurasia – Iran

Our team comprises of multi-disciplined experts who are based in Eurasia. Unlike others, we do not “fly-in” analysts with different disciplines, who rarely work together and barely know the region. Our team lives and works in the region and their relationships are both broad and deep.

Our network of contacts across all twelve Eurasia states supplements our experience and expertise and enables us to provide a strong and clear assessment of opportunities and risks for our clients. We are best positioned to monitor changes across the region in terms of economics, industries, politics, and governance.

Country Snapshot: Iran

On February 21st the FATF lifted the suspension on Iran and restored sanctions, effectively blocking international banks from dealing with Tehran. That action led to a kneejerk 14% decline in the “street” value of the rial versus the US dollar.

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