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Conflict & Sanctions Sitrep: The Dangerous Month of October

The four provinces controlled by the Russian military in eastern Ukraine have, unsurprisingly, voted to join the Russian Federation. The Federation Council is expected to approve the applications on October 4th and President Putin (who will be 70 years old on October 7th) is expected to sign the legislation shortly afterwards.

Russia – Ukraine: Sitrep 18th August 2022

President Zelensky has said that there can be no peace deal with Russia until Crimea is returned to Ukraine. This is a hardening of his position as previously he set the condition as a return to the pre-February 24th position.

Russia – Ukraine: Sitrep 18th July 2022

President Putin was very hawkish in a speech to parliamentary leaders, stating that the campaign in Ukraine had not yet started in earnest. At the weekend, it was announced that Russia is intensifying the bombardment of Ukraine held positions.

Russia – Ukraine: Sitrep 5th July 2022

Predictably the three major summits (EU, G7 and NATO) were very focused on additional support for Ukraine and threats against Russia. But nothing significant was agreed other than to consider an improbable price-cap on Russian oil and gas exports.

Russia – Ukraine: Sitrep 23rd June 2022

EU leaders are holding a two-day summit focused almost entirely on the conflict in Ukraine, it is expected the leaders will approve Ukraine to apply for EU membership and will issue a warning that a seventh package of sanctions is being considered.

Russia-Ukraine Sitrep: Scenarios and Consequences Update

President Macron, Chancellor Scholtz and Prime Minister Draghi are expected to visit Kyiv “within days”. They are expected to confirm that no peace deals and no sanctions easing with Russia will be agreed without the approval of Kyiv. They are also expected to warn Moscow of further sanctions if the fighting escalates or does not end soon.

Russia – Ukraine: Sitrep 31st May 2022

The military action and statements by senior Russian officials suggest that Moscow is now entirely focused on gaining full control of the Donbas region as quickly as possible. The fate of the Donbas will be the most difficult part of peace talks.

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