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Uzbekistan: Electrifying Growth – Mind the Water Hazzard

Uzbekistan has been almost completely transformed, as a country, economy, and society, because of the successful rollout of major reforms since early 2017. The focus has now switched and is aimed at attracting more diverse investment, including efforts to tackle corruption.

In Context: Uzbekistan Politics

Uzbekistan: Power & Influence – How Decisions are Made. No business can succeed in any country without company management understanding how that country is run, decisions made, and disputes handled. It is equally important to understand the background, ambitions and motivation of the leader and the senior officials.

Uzbekistan: Karakalpakstan Protests – No Threat to Stability

President Mirziyoyev announced that a referendum to amend the constitution will be held before the end of this year. He offered nine general proposals and said it was necessary to replace the principle of “state-society-person” with “person-society-state.”

Uzbekistan Agriculture: Transformational Changes Underway

Having concentrated on fiscal and monetary reforms and on advancing big infrastructure projects, over the past five years, the government is now much more actively pursuing economic and export diversification projects, to create employment and support rural communities. Agriculture has emerged top of the priority sector list.

Uzbekistan Country Update: Powering Ahead

The main investment priority is still the power sector, as Uzbekistan seeks a bigger, and diversified, power source to fund economic growth. There is a greater focus on renewable energy, especially solar.

Uzbekistan: Energizing Sustainable Growth

Uzbekistan GDP is expected to have grown by 1.6% in 2020 (preliminary estimate). This is because of the impact of the Covid lockdown on domestic consumption and the fall in external demand. A bounce of 4-5% is expected in 2020.

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