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Russia’s Sanctions Response Diary – June 27th 2022

New this week: June 24th: Russians do not need permission from the Central Bank to contribute to the equity of a foreign company if the payment is in rubles or the currency of a friendly state, or if the amounts does not exceed RUB 15 mln.

Russia – Ukraine: Sitrep 23rd June 2022

EU leaders are holding a two-day summit focused almost entirely on the conflict in Ukraine, it is expected the leaders will approve Ukraine to apply for EU membership and will issue a warning that a seventh package of sanctions is being considered.

Russia-Ukraine Sitrep: Scenarios and Consequences Update

President Macron, Chancellor Scholtz and Prime Minister Draghi are expected to visit Kyiv “within days”. They are expected to confirm that no peace deals and no sanctions easing with Russia will be agreed without the approval of Kyiv. They are also expected to warn Moscow of further sanctions if the fighting escalates or does not end soon.

Russia Politics Monthly June 2022

The taking of Mariupol was widely covered in the mainstream Russian media as a major step forward. The domestic political rhetoric has fully shifted to describing the military operation as being intended to free Donbas.

Russia Macro Monthly June 2022

April was the first month the Russian economy faced the full consequences of the changes to its macro environment. Surprisingly, the data suggests that the effects of the crisis are much milder than expected. This, however, does not mean that the crisis will be softer; rather it means that it will be more gradual and protracted.

Kazakhstan Agriculture: A Challenging Opportunity

The crisis caused by events in Ukraine triggered huge problems across the Eurasia region. For Kazakhstan, headline growth estimates have been revised downwards from to 2.0-2.5% (from 4.0% last year). Refer to our Kazakhstan Briefing Modernization: Means, Motive and Opportunity, (issued in May), for an in-depth analysis of economic trends and political changes. 

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