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Conflict & Sanctions Sitrep: Moscow’s Changing Strategy

It appears the Russian military has changed its strategy and is now focused on preparing defensive positions for a “frozen winter conflict” while increasing the intensity of missile attacks to destroy Ukraine’s power infrastructure.

Russia Macro Monthly November 2022

Protection of Stability Gets More Challenging. Data for September and anecdotal evidence for October show a sharp deterioration in the speed of the post-Covid and post-sanctions recovery in the Russian economy. As the population turns to savings mode, domestic businesses have shelved expansion plans while foreign companies continue to exit Russia.

Conflict & Sanctions Sitrep: The Road to Bali

President Putin has ordered the removal of civilians from the west bank of the Dnieper River leading to speculation of either preparations for a major battle or the setup of a more defensible line on the east bank of the river.

Beltway 360⁰ – Tell Me How This (Russia-Ukraine conflict) Ends

While there remains general skepticism that Moscow would resort to its nuclear arsenal to resolve the impasse on the Ukrainian battlefield, official Washington has woken up to the reality that it could happen within the framework of revised Russian military doctrine about first use of nuclear weaponry and in ways that would challenge the American nuclear posture in terms of basic symmetry.

In Context: Central Asia Demographics

Demographic Trends Boost Growth Expectations. Population growth is a contributor to economic expansion. The population of Central Asia is currently 121.4 mln and it is projected to grow to 161 mln within 15 years.

What Lies Beneath – New Uzbek Energy Minister Appointed

At the end of September, President Mirziyoyev appointed Jurabek Mirzamahmudov as Energy Minister as well as Deputy Prime Minister with oversight of the fuel, energy, and the chemical industrial complex. This means the government again has six Deputy Prime Ministers.

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